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The Wonderland Town to Visit In Costa Rica For The Vacationing Family

April 27, 2020


In the search for the best place to vacation in Costa Rica with family, Jaco beach town is an option that can never be overlooked. The charm of this coastal town is complemented with the endless attractions it has to keep the entire family thrilled during a stay.

In the world of tourism, Costa Rica is famous for its diverse topography that is filled with natural treasures and hidden gems awaiting exploration. From its beautiful beaches and roaring volcanoes to the soaring mountains and deep caves, there is no limit to what defines a holiday in this country. In all evaluations, every region in Costa Rica has mini-havens for vacationers that are guaranteed to assist you in turning off and relaxing. The favorable weather in the nation comes as an extra plus, as most days of the years are suitable for outdoor moments, which is the ultimate thrill of taking a vacation. Families looking to take a break from the hustle and bustle of their city lives, thereby, have in Costa Rica more than they can ever bargain for.

While every region in Costa Rica is worth your time and attention, vacations must be planned to ensure each day counts. This means that it is never possible to go through the entire country within this period, necessitating the need to choose an ultimate vacation spot. The odds are raised when traveling with the family, as one wants to be in a destination where everything is within reach without necessitating long travels. Luckily, this is not a far-fetched dream for anyone visiting Costa Rica as it has exclusive tourist destinations that will keep you engaged for weeks on end. For most people, the endeavors to find the best place to vacation in Costa Rica with family ultimately leads them to Jaco beach town. There are lots of reasons why this booming town takes a top spot as a must-visit location and these include;

1. It is a surfer’s paradise with beautiful beaches

The coast of Jaco is famous for its constant waves that naturally propel one to get a surfboard and take on the ocean. If you have teenagers, then nothing gets better than taking them to a world-class surfing beach, and watching them have endless hours of fun. There is never a need to worry about prior experience in surfing as there are lots of surf shops and professionals ready to offer classes. For seasoned surfers, the northern sections of the beach have bigger waves and hosts lots of tournaments you can participate in. On the other hand, if you are not one to spend time surfing, there are beaches with calm waves suitable for sailing tours, snorkeling, and swimming.

2. There is much more a surfing beach but a whole world to explore

Spending a holiday by the beach is exciting, but can become too monotonous for family vacations. Jaco gains an edge over most coastal towns as it has endless exploration opportunities for families that want great adventure. Away from the beach are hiking trails, charming waterfalls, breathtaking mountain viewpoints, and jungles for Tarzan-like adventures. Essentially, what this means is that each family has lots of alternatives to take them away from the beach without having to sacrifice on the fun of being in Costa Rica. Among the popular options include taking on the trails in Carara National Park, bird watching tours in the rainforests, ATV adventures, and crocodile & monkey tours.

3. High-end rentals and hotels in exotic destinations

At times all the family needs are not the adrenaline-rush of activities and adventures but a quiet place to spend their days as they relax after demanding months. Jaco remains to be the perfect spot for these peaceful vacations where one gets to stay away from the crowd. This is made possible as one can easily book the family into a rental by the beachside or in the rainforest, where they are surrounded by flourishing flora and fauna. Staying for a couple of days or weeks in these locations is therapeutic, and is excellent for a family that wants to spend time together. The melodic chirping of birds, beautiful outdoor spaces for day time relaxation, and sunsets in these locations make them feel like paradise.

4. Welcoming locals and lots of restaurants that serve yummy meals

In Jaco, most of the locals you meet are happy individuals who are chatty and willing to show you why they love calling this town their home. Your family will live to be surrounded with such warmth that makes those mini-trips around the town much more fulfilling. Another highlight of the vacation will be the opportunity to try out different meals from the many restaurants in the city.


Jaco has rightfully earned its place as the go-to Costa Rica destination for family vacations. The booming coastal town has so much to offer, thanks to its numerous gems open for discoveries.