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Top Jaco Costa Rica Rentals that You Must Consider

September 5, 2019

Jaco is a lovely and energetic beach town that can be reached in just a few hours from Costa Rica. Whether you are traveling solo, in groups, or with families, this beachside town has something for everything.

To make your stay comfortable and enjoyable, here we list the top Jaco Costa Rica rentals options, which you must consider.

Furnished Apartments

Jaco houses a range of fully-furnished lovely apartment for four. These apartments have well-decorated rooms with attached bathrooms and comfy beds. You will find such apartments in close proximity to the beach and town center.

From fine dining restaurants to markets, everything is in easy reach from them. Also, they offer a host of amenities like free parking space, unlimited access to Wi-Fi, and more. They are equipped with an in-house kitchen, and hence, can prepare the food of your preference. All these benefits make it a perfect stay option for families with kids.

Beach Bungalows

For those traveling in groups can enjoy a comfortable and luxury stay in exquisite beach bungalows in Jaco Costa Rica. Most of the bungalows deliver mesmerizing views of the mountain and are in close proximity to the beach.

Situated very close to the airport, they offer all the essential amenities to have a relaxing and enjoyable stay. From free parking, Wi-Fi access, to mouthwatering breakfast and a kitchen, the place offers a host of amenities within premises.


Numerous condos are available in Jaco in close proximity to shops, markets, restaurants, and cinemas. The condo can conveniently accommodate two individuals and hence is an excellent option for solo travelers or couple.

The well-furnished condos offer a comfortable stay and are equipped with a well-appointed kitchen. In addition to a host of amenities, the condos offer a spectacular view of the green and beach area.

Individual Rooms

This is one of the best Jaco Costa Rica rentals option ideal for partners, couples, and small families. There are individual rooms available in various sizes with an attached private bathroom. They are situated close to the town and grocery store.

The best part about this rental option is that it is guided by a 24-hour security camera, thereby offering an absolutely secured stay. Kitchen, TV with cable, coffee maker, and free parking space are some of the prominent amenities you can avail.

Luxury Condos

While there are affordable condos available in Jaco, for those who want to have a luxurious stay can go for luxury condos. With a swimming pool and well-furnished patio, it is possible to enjoy a mesmerizing time in the sun.

Jaco is just a few steps away so you can enjoy a great time living here as well as enjoy casinos, nightlife, surfboard rentals, fine dining, theater, and many others.

Your selection of accommodation plays a crucial role in the failure or success of your vacation. Hence, make a suitable choice among these top vacation rentals in this beach town.