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Top Costa Rican Destinations for Family Holiday

April 27, 2020


Finding the best place to vacation in Costa Rica with family is a great way to ensure that everyone enjoys their travel experience. In this article, we will highlight the best destinations to help you with your planning.

Traveling for holidays is not just fun; it also one of the most incredible experiences you will have in your entire life. Vacationing with your loved ones offers an excellent opportunity to spend some quality time together, bond, and even realize things that you never knew about your family member. It is also a great time to escape the day-to-day struggles that life throws at you, and recharge for the year ahead.

But to make the most out of your travel, it is essential to identify activities and destinations that will appease you and your little ones. Doing a little homework for the best place to vacation in Costa Rica with family can be a great place to start. Better yet, you can have local experts advise you on the best places to visit before you set out your journey. This will allow you to plan your finances as well as clothing to avoid any hiccups that may spoil your vacation. But to help you get started, here are some top Costa Rican destinations for a family holiday:

Explore the Arenal Volcano

This is an active volcano in the province of Alajuela. It rises about 1.633 km from the ground and has a crater that’s 140m in diameter. There are plenty of things to do with your loved ones on Arenal Volcano, including exploring the Venado caves, water sports, sightseeing, tour museum, view the geysers and hot springs, mingle with the locals, see nature and wildlife among other things. You can also visit the La Fortuna waterfall and chill as you wait for the sunset with the volcano in the background.

Visit the Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio

This is a perfect spot to visit if you are traveling to Costa Rica for the first time. It is not only beautiful but is also home to incredible fun activities. In addition to the stunning beaches, you can visit Manuel Antonio National Park, explore the area’s flora and fauna, or go for a night walk at the Si Como. You can even catch the perfect view of the Playa Espadilla Norte from the air or visit Kids saving the rainforest sanctuary or zipline in El Santuario.

Parque Nacional Tortuguero 

The park sits on Costa Rica’s northern Caribbean coast and is known for its sea turtles. It is home to an interconnected dense rainforest, beaches, lagoons, canals, and rivers. You can explore the area by kayak, boat, or canoe. Your guide will also help you spot exotic plants and animals. While at this, take advantage of the proximity to see the turtles, birds, and Tortuguero village.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

From extreme ziplining, at Selvatura to sky adventures, there are plenty of things you can do at Monteverde Cloud Forest. You can also see resplendent quetzals, hike the cloud forest, walk the hanging bridges, or try delicious Monteverde coffee and ice cream.


These are only a few examples of things to do with the family in Costa Rica. Take time to the way your options to find the best itinerary. You can also work with professionals who will plan everything for you.