Top 7 Places in Costa Rica You Must Visit Once in Your Lifetime

Don’t be fooled by Costa Rica’s diminutive size – It is chockablock with places and activities you just wouldn’t want to miss. Picking seven favorites from the pile is tough. But covering every spot during your vacation – that’s tougher. A whistle-stop tour is in nobody’s interests anyways. Our pursuit of vacation happiness is better served when we don’t jam-pack our itineraries but focus on a few things that really matter to us. With this agenda in mind, we’ve shortlisted top 7 places in Costa Rica you must visit at least once in your lifetime. The vignettes we present here are assembled in no particular order; they are, however, a nod to Costa Rica’s diverse topography. We’ve steered clear of the Caribbean coast, because it’s so different from the Central and South Pacific, that it merits a post of its own. The things you can do in each place are hinted at the end of each section.