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Tips to Plan a Perfect Costa Rican Holiday with Family

June 26, 2020

Best Family Vacations In Costa Rica

Planning a family vacation to Costa Rica? Well, congratulations on your choice because this country has become the perfect holiday playground for families. This Latin American gem has a variety of places to discover and explore. Here is how you can plan effectively for enjoying the best family vacations in Costa Rica.

Tips for a Smooth Holiday

Take Advantage of Both Liberia (LIR) and San Jose (SJO) Airports

Liberia lies in the Guanacaste province and is just about an hour’s drive from the ocean. San Jose, on the other hand, lies at the center of the country. Check if you can fly into the country with one of these airports and fly out with another. This plan will prevent backtracking and help you cover more places during your visit.

Prioritize Your Sightseeing Adventures

Is there a major activity that you are looking forward to experience in Costa Rica? If so, focus all your efforts on that activity. In fact, it can be quite difficult to prioritize because there is so much to do in Costa Rica. From sighting elusive wildlife to ziplining, meaningful cultural exchange, rafting, or kayaking in a bio-luminescent bay, the bucket list can get endless. Planning your holiday this way will make yours the best family vacations in Costa Rica.

Watch Out For the Weather

Remember that May to October/November is the wet season in Costa Rica. Traveling during this time may affect your plans. Many activities in Costa Rica depend on the right weather conditions. So, having a downpour may not let you enjoy your favorite adventure. The rains may also cause roads to become rivers that are quite difficult to cross. But traveling during the rainy season does have some perks. Off-season visits may fetch you great discounts and lesser crowds to deal with. So, plan your holiday with care.

Be Aware That Transportation Can Take a While

You may think that Costa Rica is a small country, but tourist destinations are certainly not close. They can be quite deceiving on a map. Irrespective of where you wish to travel, getting from one place to another takes time. While buses are comfortable and cheap, consider renting a car for short vacations.

Choose Between the Pacific Coast and the Caribbean Coast

This choice is necessary if you are not planning to stay for more than a week in Costa Rica. The distance between these coasts may cost you a day’s travel, and the roads are not always at their best.

Pack Light

Go light when you are packing for your Costa Rica vacation. Typically, Costa Rica has a warmer climate at the coasts than at higher elevations like the cloud forests. So, pack clothes that you can layer with ease. Pack raincoats even if you are traveling during the dry season. Swimsuits are also a must since you will be spending substantial time at the beaches. Insect repellents, comfortable shoes, sunscreen, and binoculars are a few other things to pack.

With lush forests to active volcanoes, Costa Rica is a wonderous country to visit. Proper planning is key to experiencing the best destinations in the country. So, have you started planning yet?