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Tips to Choose a Venue for Destination Wedding

March 19, 2019

Choosing your wedding destination is like solving one of the most complex puzzles. You need to find a place that can accommodate your guests and also be easily accessible. You would need to figure out the number of rooms you will need for your guests. With so many things to worry about, logistics in a destination wedding often get too complicated.
In this article, we will try to simplify the process so that you can plan your wedding with at least some ease!

Your Wedding Should Reflect Your Personality

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to make your wedding feel like it is an extension of you and your partner. If you are a low-key couple, then choose a beach wedding. Some of the Best Wedding Venues in Costa Rica are right by the beach that are both breezy and laidback, just like the country and the couple! But if you are a little extra, then don’t hesitate to try something more exclusive to your personalities. You can do a castle or a cruise, if your budget permits.

Prepare the Guest List

To determine the right venue, you need to determine the number of people you intend to invite and the number that are likely to attend. This is an important thing to consider as a lot of your venue decisions will depend on this information. Another helpful tip is to keep your guests in mind. Not everyone may be as adventurous as you and may not fancy the idea of travelling for hours to reach your wedding destination. Choose a location that is both fun and easily accessible. Additional factors that you can keep in mind are family-oriented resorts, flight logistics, car/boat shuttle, etc.

Determine the Budget

Once you have decided how and where you want to plan your wedding, then the next important step is to define your budget. You should be able to pick a venue that not only meets your wedding needs but also your budget. This is where booking an all-inclusive resort will do the trick. They are often misconstrued as an expensive option, but they are not. When planned ahead, they can actually be more affordable than most “economic” resorts. Most importantly, they are not only amazing properties, but also give you a flat-rate across all items. This way you don’t have to worry about penny-pinching your way through the wedding planning.

There is nothing that beats the importance of thorough research, especially when you are planning to have a destination wedding. Everything will require an additional step of due diligence. While you can do all of this on your own but you can also consider hiring a wedding planner if things get too complicated for you. You should focus on choosing a dreamy location like Costa Rica where your guests can not only enjoy your wedding in its blissful tropical climate but also take a short break from their daily lives. They will not miss this wedding for the world!