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Tips for an Enjoyable Fishing Experience with Kids in Costa Rica

December 27, 2019

Fishing is a fantastic way for your kid to get closer to nature in Costa Rica. Fishing teaches children about the wonders of the sea and adds a whole new level of joy to the sport. Fishing tours in Costa Rica is a great way to spend quality time with kids, even on vacation. Here are some useful tips for a successful fishing trip with kids in Costa Rica.

Plan the Trip around Your Kids

Fishing with children for the first time is certainly not easy. Choose a destination with enough open space for the kids to cast lines. You can also look for long beach access that is ideal. Plan your destinations while giving sufficient time for your kids’ to fish.

Target Only Easy Fish

Do not go for hard-fighting or trophy-sized game fishes while with children. Fishing tours in Costa Rica can give you plenty of information regarding the fish species you can target for children. Hard-fighting species require superior skill and patience. Hence it is recommended for you to target fishes that feed actively and are found in large numbers. They are often found close to the shoreline. Consider using a basic hook, bobber, and sinker.

Teach Them Kindness

Teach your children about the right way to release the fish. Demonstrate hook removal techniques and how fishes need to be submerged in water. Older kids can try to release the fishes on their own. However, always stress on gentle release by immersing the fish. Now, it’s quite common for kids to panic while holding the fish. It’s slimy and wriggling, after all. So, cup your hands around your kid’s hand to prevent the fishes from being dropped or thrown by accident.

Always Carry Life Jackets

Everyone, including you, must carry life jackets while you are out on a fishing trip in Costa Rica. Irrespective of whether you are fishing from the shore, wearing a life jacket is a good safety habit to cultivate. You can even carry a pocket-sized knife, hats, and first aid kits for an enjoyable day.

Ocean as Your Child’s Classroom

In Costa Rica, the ocean in itself is a large classroom for children. Begin your trip close to shore to let your child see species like snapper, grouper and mackerel. Consider opting for a full day or half-day charters based on your vacation schedule, your child’s temperament, and interest. Get your child involved in fishing preparations. Explain to them about the weather patterns, ocean conditions, and yacht details.

Children tend to get excited about their catch and are enthusiastic about learning more about the species. For instance, watching a large bill species that avoid the lines with fantastic jumps is an experience they will treasure forever. Some children also become interested in the task performed by crew members. From boat navigation, ocean survey, equipment storage, to tying knots, these are some unique experiences they don’t get to learn at school.

Fishing is one of the many things your family can relish in Costa Rica. It brings in a lot of excitement and learning experience along the way. Fishing in Costa Rica may even help to bring forth a new generation of anglers hidden in your family!