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Thinking of an Adventurous Holiday? Visit Costa Rica!

July 24, 2019

Costa Rica must be on the radar of every eco-savvy travelers who wish to spend their vacation zipping through the forest canopy or ogling at rare rainforest species. The mountainous and verdant country has miles of coastline and is a paradise for adventure seekers. From whitewater rafting, mountain biking, hiking, surfing, swimming, canopy tours, fishing, and snorkeling, you are spoilt with choices. Feeling less adventurous? You can always check out the gorgeous beaches and natural hot water springs! Here are some must-do activities on your next trip to Costa Rica.

Fly Through the Forest

Soaring through the jungle using Costa Rica’s most famed zip-lines is an enthralling experience. Also termed as canopy tours, it features platforms that are connected by thick cables. These cables stretch across hillsides, tree-laden ravines, and valleys. You will be strapped on to the harnesses, clipped to the cables, and sent flying across from one platform to another. While you may have seen this in other countries, Costa Rica’s zip lines are the best in terms of speed, length, views, and height. Canopy tours are conducted all across this country. As such, many all-inclusive Jaco Costa Rica packages operate these tours.

Walk on the Wild Side

With over 25% of the country protected in National parks, Costa Rica is home to many amazing wildlife species. Head over to Los Quetzales National Park to see the rare resplendent quetzal. Get ready to be intrigued by howler monkeys that remind you that you are not in your home country. Capuchin monkeys may simply pop out their white heads and check out their visitors! Visit the Corcovado National Park that lies on the southern Pacific coast. This is the largest national park in the country and houses over 3% of the world’s biodiversity. The waters surrounding the Osa Peninsula are great for whale watching and dolphin sighting.

Surf the Coasts

The Pacific and Caribbean coasts of Costa Rica support surfing all through the year. Jaco, in particular, has excellent surfing spots. You can even consider all-inclusive Jaco Costa Rica tours that will take you straight to the best of these spots. You don’t also have to bring your board – many beaches offer surfboards and surfing lessons for half a day or more.

Scale or View a Volcano

Costa Rica lies in the infamous Pacific ring of fire – a volcanic activity belt that includes other regions of the Americas, Philippines, Asia, and Antarctica. As such, Costa Rica has many volcanoes, most of which are inactive. You can climb, ride horses, or drive to the top of these volcanoes and peer over their edge and take in the massive craters.

A plethora of adventurous activities welcome you to the small yet beautiful nation of Costa Rica. Thousands of tourists’ flock Costa Rica every year due to the extraordinary natural beauty and the adventures that surround it. As such, you can find many exciting tours and packages that offer comprehensive coverage of these adventures.