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Things to Do In Costa Rica as a Family

October 21, 2019


Is an international holiday on your mind? Why not visit Costa Rica? This small yet beautiful country offers a plethora of activities for everyone in your family.

From cloud forests to waterfall, the best destinations in Costa Rica are waiting for you to explore them!

The Best Things to Check Out In Costa Rica as a Family

The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve
This high-altitude region is one of the most magical and the best destinations in Costa Rica. The town of Santa Elena sits at 4662 feet above the sea level and is enveloped in a dense mist. This is a crucial feature that supports an ecosystem of birds, mammals, and insects. You can also explore many exciting varieties of plants that mostly sit on the upper levels of the forest. A network of trails, suspension bridges, sky trams, treetop walkways, and long suspension lines are available to explore this natural wonderland.

Take a Hike through the Parque Nacional De Cahuita

This easily accessible, kid-friendly national park explodes with a wide variety of wildlife. Hiking through this park is a breeze. Check out the flat trail that runs alongside the coast. Lush forests surround this trail and make it ideal for every age group. You can even spend your entire morning here exploring the forests for howler monkeys, sloths, tepezcuintle, and yellow-eye-lash vipers. These charming residents make your hike a fun adventure to experience.

Get Friendly With the Animal at the Jaguar Rescue Center

The Jaguar Rescue Center is located at the edge of the jungle and caters to abandoned and injured creatures. It also encourages visitors to get up close with these animals during their recreational time. This is especially attractive for children who can play with baby monkeys, hold hands with three-toed sloths, and get a glimpse of the center’s impressive snake exhibition. You can even opt for a guided tour that lasts for an hour and a half.

White Water Rafting On El Carmen

Not every rapid in Costa Rica is suitable for young rafters. But the 10-mile run of El Carmen will pump up the excitement of kids over six years of age. A rafting trip on the El Carmen takes you on long rides and big waves for excitement. Indeed, it is a great way for a complete family adventure. Also, don’t forget to look out for the parrots, morpho butterflies, and toucans at one of the best destinations in Costa Rica!

Safari Boats on the Rio Blanco

Rio Blanco strolls just outside the town of La Fortuna and is flanked by trees dripping with lianas and ferns. Here, the iguanas lie along the high tree branches, crocodiles laze around the river banks, and howler monkeys call out to each other with distinctive sounds. Float along the river and get ready for witnessing some amazing creatures.

These activities can make the perfect holiday for your family. From young to old, adventures in Costa Rica caters to everyone. This perfect mix of family-friendly activities has drawn Costa Rica to the top spot in every family’s list.