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Things to Carry When You Go Fishing to Costa Rica

April 24, 2019

Fishing to Costa RicaCosta Rica’s tropical climate is famous for bright sunshine and heavy downpours. Not only must you clad yourself for the rain but you also need protection from nasty sunburns. Keep your arms and legs well covered and guard against blisters and bug bites while outdoors in this rainforest region.

Costa Rica fishing in Los Suenos is famous for offshore and inshore angling. Packing just right for a fishing expedition you intend undertaking abroad can be quite challenging. Bear in mind your baggage allowance and the fact that most international airlines prefer you check in your fishing gear. Carry only what you absolutely must as you should avoid lugging around heavy equipment especially while traveling on foot.

Refer to the list of essentials to pack for Costa Rica fishing Los Suenos:

Light Clothing

Given you are on vacation, dress casually. Wear clothes that feel light and dry out quickly. Either the humidity or the rain can leave you feeling wet. Since most lodges and other rented accommodation provide laundry services, avoid packing your entire wardrobe.
Don’t forget to carry comfortable pants or shorts paired with a t-shirt or rolled up full sleeve shirt and footwear which can endure wetness. Since you will spend most days out on the deck, carry a cap or wide brim hat and sunglasses. Light rain gear in the form of a waterproof jacket or raincoat is also a necessity.

Functional Flashlight

Some remote destinations in Costa Rica offer limited lighting. Moreover, electricity often goes out and the sun sets early evening owing to the proximity to the equator. Better to always have a headlamp or flashlight at hand especially while out in unknown territory.

Effective Sunscreen

Fishing involves being exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays for hours together. The sun is at its harshest best in Costa Rica so, pack an SPF 30 or higher sunscreen. You need to apply it before stepping out. Also, you would spend much more on a good sunscreen should you choose to purchase it from Costa Rica.

Mosquito Repellent

The rainy season though ideal for fishing is infamous for mosquitoes looming large. Before going out on the deck to fish, rub the exposed parts of your body with repellent. Especially as dusk settles, these annoying creatures are most active. You cannot afford to fall prey to mosquito-borne illnesses when you are miles away from home.

Portable Medical Kit

Finally, squeeze in a small medical kit with basic essentials that haven’t crossed their expiry dates. This comes to the rescue should you cut, scrape or get stung while indulging in your favorite hobby. Out in the ocean, there are no other means of administering first aid when the need arises.

Above all, pack only the bare necessities to travel hassle-free.