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Things to Know Before You Go for Fishing in Costa Rica

April 4, 2019

Costa Rica fishing experience can indeed be exhilarating. Both the Caribbean and Pacific costs of Costa Rica have excellent fishing grounds. From freshwater fishing, inshore fishing, and sports fishing, Costa Rica offers different varieties to its visitors.

Current Trend In Fishing

Costa Rica Fishing is witnessing a rise in the marlin fishing activities. There are many facilities that will help you travel offshore and raise large numbers of this blue marlin. If you are not interested in traveling offshore, check out the rooster and reef fishing options. They are available throughout the year and promise more excitement than offshore fishing. It has become one of the most family-friendly attractions since you receive a hands-on approach and great fun for children.

Adding to its fame, the Caribbean coast, from Parismina north to Barro del Colorado, is home to some of the best tarpon fishing grounds. Freshwater species like Machaca, Guapote, Roncadora, and alligator gar in Lake Arenal can be targeted as well. These destinations are great for enjoying a unique Costa Rica fishing experience. You can even combine it with any destination on the Pacific coast for a complete trip.

Best Fishing Destinations In Costa Rica

Marina Pez Vela/ Quepos

Quepos is called as the “sailfish capital of the world”. This part of the Osa Peninsula has waters that boast of a rich marine life. Dorado, snapper, roosterfish, and marlin can also be found in this region. You can even combine your fishing holiday with a rainforest adventure since Quepos is very close to the Manuel Antonio National Park.

Crocodile Bay / Gulfo Dulce

Gulfo Dulce is situated in the southern part of Osa Peninsula, right outside of Puerto Jimenez. Also known as the sweet gulf, it is known for multiple streams and freshwater rivers that flow into the bay. However, this area has stringent regulations on fishing and is highly protected. It is, therefore, you can find the fish population in full bloom here. Consider using a fishing charter for a fruitful experience. Cubera, amberjack, African pompano, trevally, and grouper are some of the popular catches in this region.

Tortuguero/ Carribean coast

The prime time for you to go snook and tarpon fishing is during February through May and during the months of September and October. You can access this remote coastline only by small planes or boats. It has a large sea turtle population and is densely populated with tarpon and other freshwater fish.

Tips for A Hassle-Free Fishing Trip

Use A Local Guide

Local experts are the best guides who help you plan the fishing activities. They are knowledgeable about selecting the right boat and the right season to go fishing. They are well versed with the fishing calendar and can help you save time and money on wasteful experiences.

Don’t consider Only the Price

Undoubtedly, fishing is a grand affair. You will need to spend on fuel, tackle, bait, and maintenance. Looking at the cost alone will fetch you only an expensive boat. For a real fishing experience, however, consider working with the right experts.

Fishing in Costa Rica is an experience filled with wonders. You can enjoy your holiday by selecting the right fishing spot and through local guidance. A thorough research before planning your fishing trip can fetch you great memories and delightful holiday experience.