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Have a dream wedding on your mind? Tell us all about it! Nobody gets you better than our young and talented team of wedding planners, who are dreamers at heart and accomplished designers by profession. Whether you want a cloud forest wedding or Catholic ceremony, they have it down to an art.

Personalized Weddings

No two weddings are the same any more than any two people are. While the wedding rituals may be similar, everything else from the concept to the colors, the venue to the menu will be a reflection of your personality, your interests, and ultimately your style. We design weddings that truly resonate with you in all its numerous details, without you ever having to break a sweat. So if you find us asking you a lot of questions about your dream wedding, you’ll see it spectacularly add up on the wedding day.

Wedding Venue

The main attraction at your wedding is you the glowing bride and the beaming groom but then so is the venue. Every venue in Costa Rica , the beaches, rainforests, cloud forests, or resorts, has its own character and transforms a wedding into something more elegant, magnificent, and romantic than you even dreamt of. Based on your choice, we fill in the finer details the decor, the flowers, etc., to create the picture-perfect wedding that rules your fantasies.

Wedding Gallery

Image courtesy – Javier Mendez

Wedding Rentals

Want to wow your guests? Book a picturesque rental on the beach or by the rainforests. Royale Bisily, a villa in Playa Hermosa has a huge banquet hall, suites, rooms to accomodate the all the members of your big-size wedding party, and commands an exquisite view. A peace of heaven ensconced in its own private hill, it provides access to every other adventure that you’ve planned for your multi-day vacation. More options are available rentals [link] based on your budget, group size, and location.

Photography and Video

By choosing Costa Rica as your wedding venue, you’ve already chosen the most stunning backdrop for your dream wedding. Every photographer and videographer in Costa Rica has their signature style, so looking at their portfolio you can pick a team whose work resonates with your own ideas best. Other factors to consider are your budget, the location, and of course, their availability. This is where we come in once you’ve decided the budget, we’ll keep you on track with the rest, so no precious time is lost.

Wedding Website

Want to establish a kinship with your guests and build up the excitement as the day draws near? Have a personalized web page for your wedding. Anything you feel your guests should know such as the location, dress code, schedule, reception, and menu can be shared on the website. Your guests in turn can indicate their diet restrictions and message you their own arrival plans. Post-wedding, you can use this website to share select pictures of the event with all your guests.

Bridal Wear

Want the perfect mermaid look for your beach wedding? You can experiment with the neckline, dress length, trail length, flare and add more bling with the accessories. You can also go for a shorter dress, which is easier to manage on the beach. You can shop for a bridal gown in Costa Rica and choose from a wide range of A-line, mermaid, ball gowns and pair them with the right accessories. Expert consultants will be at hand to give you their valuable feedback, the necessary nip and tuck as well as help you home in on the gown that accentuates your natural beauty.

Makeup and Styling

On the most important day in your life,with  all eyes trained on you, you want everything about you to be picture-perfect, your makeup and hairstyle included! With a professional stylist, you don’t have to take chances with your makeup or hairdo. Let the stylist know the final effect you desire and you can trust them to come up with shades and a hairdo that flatter you most. They travel all over Costa Rica so you can be rest assured of looking your best no matter how remote your wedding venue.

Theme, Decor, Souvenirs, and Flowers

Whether it’s a beach wedding or a rainforest wedding, you can play around with colors to achieve a dramatic effect that complements the locale. Remember, with a drop-dead gorgeous backdrop, a lot can be achieved even with a few key props. It all depends on your taste and budget. Joining hands with florists and wedding decorators, we create tasteful themes that take your breath away. From the centerpiece to wedding bouquets, the furniture and tableware, and other reception supplies, wedding platform and awnings, choose items that go with the entire theme and color palette.

Wedding Catering Services

Next, to the venue, the most expensive item on your list is catering and it goes without saying that you can’t afford to get it wrong. And in Costa Rica, catering is tied to the venue because some rentals insist on their own catering services while others may only rent the property. The next determining factor is the type of food and the expertise of the chefs. Most important of all is, of course, your budget. Considering all these, you can pick from a range of amazing cocktail menus, fusion cuisine, and a variety of traditional and novelty wedding cakes.


You are in party capital, so live it up and party all you want with your beloved family and friends. You can go for live bands to play jazz, reggae, and pop music or go ethnic with marimba, the traditional music of Costa Rica. You can also hire a DJ to play just about any music you want. You can enliven it further with fire dancing, a mesmerizing dance form that combines colorful music and intricate techniques. We can organize games like beer pong, giant jenga, and corn hole so everyone gets to have some fun at the reception.

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