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Nature buff? You’re gonna love Costa Rica! Not a nature buff? You will become one after a Royale tour of Costa Rica. Our Costa Rica adventure tours provide an immersive experience of the tropical wonderland, right from her emerald rainforests to swampy mangroves, from sparkling waterfalls to historic volcanoes. Between them, you’ll see hundreds of birds, animals, butterflies, marine life, plants, and animals that make up the rich biodiversity.

Rainforest Tour

Located close to the equator and blessed with frequent rain, the rainforests of Costa Rica are thriving habitats for a wide variety of plants and animals. Trees shoot up to a height of 200 feet to form a thick green canopy, which is the haunt of Costa Rica’s famed howler monkeys. These monkeys rarely set foot on the ground, so to see them clear and proper, you can go on a canopy tour or zipline . But walking through the undergrowth, you will treated to their spine-chilling vocalization. This is no staged Jurassic Park. You are right in the middle of the jungle.

Monkey Tour   

Yes, we have a tour dedicated to monkeys! Know why? They are Costa Rica’s most charming mammals and during our monkey tour to Damas island in Quepos, you can see the white-faced capuchins that get featured in Hollywood movies. In Damas, you can see them having the best time of their lives swinging between trees and foraging for food. They might even make your day by posing next to you! Royale’s estuary boat trip also opens your eyes to other wonders of the mangroves — sloths, snakes, plenty of amazing birds, oysters, and different types of fish.

Waterfall Tour

This top adventure tour in Costa Rica is a day-long activity that combines many things — hiking, (sometimes, horse riding as well), diving, rappelling, and swimming. The adventure grows on you as you hike through narrow forest floor, your ears tuned to the bird song and distant rumble of the falls. Adventure junkies can opt for a high dive. For families, couples, groups of friends, rappelling will be lot more fun. With a safety harness in place, you will make the long descent in what looks like little leaps and a slide. Plenty for your GoPro! You can round it up with a swim in the crystalline waters.

Tortuga Island Tour

Once home to pirates, Tortuga Island is now a favorite haunt of those who just want to have a good time on its beaches or in the ocean. The catamaran cruise to Tortuga takes about 1.5 hours, but time slips by fast since you will be busy looking out for dolphins and seabirds. On arriving, you’ll set eyes on a picture-perfect island with white sandy beach and emerald waters. Once there, you can settle on the beach for some sun or a game of volleyball or try one of the many water sports — banana boat ride and stand up paddling. Scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities are also available.

Crocodile Tour

Tarcoles River in Costa Rica is the biggest habitat of American crocodiles. Our two-hour crocodile safari brings you up close to the giant creatures, some of whom have been christened as Angelina Jolie, Bill Clinton, Jennifer Lopez, and George Bush. The 1000-pound 17-ft croc called Osama is the star of the neighborhood. This tour is also a bird watcher’s delight as the trip through the mangroves reveals dozens of birds feeding or roosting in their natural environs. Keep your binoculars and camera ready for some rare scenes.

Manuel Antonio Tour

At 680 hectares, Manuel Antonio is the smallest of Costa Rica’s national parks, but its white sandy beaches, mountain hikes, adventures, and wildlife are truly special, the reason why a lot of people flock here every year. Playa Manuel Antonio and Playa Espadilla are two truly spectacular beaches in Manuel Antonio. There are several trails within the park. The most frequented trail is a 1.3 mile flat path, suitable for all age groups. There are several other trails that extend further into the interior, which are less crowded. On these trails, you have better chances of meeting capuchins, sloths, and squirrel monkeys.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

Located at the intersection of the Atlantic and Pacific slopes of the Continental Divide, Monteverde is 4500 hectares of sheer forest festooned with epiphytes, orchids, and ferns. The reserve is home to the resplendent quetzal, swallow-tailed kites, three-wattled bellbirds, bare-necked umbrellabird, and toucans. The Baird’s tapir, two-toed sloths and all the three species of Costa Rican monkeys, a wide diversity of frogs all reside within this cloud forest ecosystem. While it’s not possible to see of them on a single day, a guided tour will help optimize the visit.


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