Prepare for an Amazing Sportfishing Experience

If you are planning to go on an amazing sportfishing adventure, you have hit the right place. We have for you all the ingredients you’d need to fish in the fertile waters of Costa Rica. Explore our sportfishing packages that combine comfortable charters to services from expert hands. Be it any season, there is no place like Costa Rica to offer you the best experience in fishing. Fall hook, line, and sinker for the fish of your dreams, be it Sailfish, Marlin, Snapper or Wahoo! Tamarindo, Quepos, or Los Sueños — just tell us where you want to go fishing because the finest fishing charters and services await you there!

Book the Best Fishing Charters in Costa Rica

Who says you can’t be pampered when you’re out in the Pacific on your big sportfishing adventure? With Royale, you can be assured of a fishing trip on the finest fishing charters of Costa Rica. With air-conditioned cabins, entertainment center, and complimentary fruits and drinks, the experience is ‘royale’ in letter and spirit! If you are planning a great day with family or best mates or a fun-filled adventure with your beloved, be prepared to receive the customized service you need that will make you want to come back again!

Enhance your Experience with the Experts

If you’re here for the sportfishing experience of a lifetime, what you need is an experienced crew to lead your trip. The Royale crew comprises sportfishing experts with years of experience fishing in unchallenging waters for the trophy fish. Whether you are an experienced angler or just a beginner, our crew member will give you the right support you need to raise the fish of your dreams.

Enjoy a Relaxed Inshore Fishing Tour

When you are on a Costa Rica vacation with your kids and you’re looking for a safer and more laid back fishing experience, sign up for our inshore fishing tour. You can avail our inshore fishing tours, which take you close to islands, reefs, and coves, any time of the year. Some of the all-time favorite inshore fishing species include non-migratory fishes such as snapper, rooster, grouper, and amberjacks. Inshore fishing doesn’t require highly specialized gear, just lots of adrenaline rush!

Epic Offshore Fishing Tours for the Experienced

If you’re serious about sportfishing and are here in Costa Rica for the big game then do sign up for our offshore fishing tours. The sea awaits with a challenging bunch of marlin, sailfish, and wahoo that don’t give in that easy. Get ready to exercise all your skills as an experienced angler to finally take a snap holding your trophy fish!

Customize Your Tours

We provide an array of fishing tour packages for you to make sure you can choose one that is best suited for the purpose of your vacation. In case, our packages have items you’d like to skip or add let us know! Tweaking your vacation budget ever so slightly, we’ll help you plan out your day better by customizing a package for you. From stretching a half-day to full to including a few extra services, we just want to make sure you get the best Royale experience.

Let’s go fishing!

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