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Learning About Medical Tourism and Vacation to Costa Rica

May 2, 2020

Till the recent times, going to a different country for a medical procedure was nearly unheard of, but with technological breakthroughs and global networking, doctors are able to maintain an international clientele and see patients that come from one of various countries. This practice is known as medical travel.

About Medical Travel

Medical travel, also known as medical tourism, medical vacations Costa Rica, or health tourism, is when a person travels to a foreign country to receive medical treatment. This happens for one of multiple reasons. A patient can travel to a different country in order to get a procedure that isn’t available in their home country. Patients can also decide to use medical travel in order to reduce their time waiting to get a certain procedure done. A patient can also determine that medical tourism Costa Rica prices for that treatment can save them on costs. With medical travel, patients are able to receive services such as dental cleaning, checkups, and surgeries.

Insurance also plays a part into medical tourism Costa Rica. Some patients might be uninsured or not insured enough to get the procedure that they need. In such instances, traveling to another country to get the procedure done can save them money if it costs less to get it done elsewhere.

As it becomes easier for countries to communicate with one another and for foreigners to travel, Costa Rica medical tourism services become more encouraging for more people around the world. It now costs just as much to fly to Costa Rica as it is to travel to another part in your own country. Patients also take advantage of this by having a vacation in the country where they go to get medical treatment.

Why Should I Travel to Costa Rica for Medical Treatment?

Costa Rica has been an attractive country to travel to for medical procedures, mainly dental work. Many Americans opt to fly to Costa Rica for medical travel due to its close proximity and lowered costs in dental care, as they have little to no insurance needed for dental care at home.

In Canada, patients have to wait several months to get a procedure done due to their universal healthcare system. In Costa Rica, the time to wait for an appointment is very short. With that in mind, you can get an appointment at any time you see fit. Some Costa Rica doctors or physicians are even able to make changes to their schedule in order to treat a foreign patient. Whether you are looking to get treated right away, or want to hold off until you take a break from work, there technically is no right or wrong time to book your flight to Costa Rica to see a qualified physician.

The number of travelers to Costa Rica for medical care is increasing by the year, and the country is considered one of the most affordable and reliable countries to get medical services from. The capital of San José alone treats tens of thousands of foreign patients each year.

Many doctors and dentists from Costa Rica have actually gotten their training in America, and can communicate with English patients just fine. While there are plenty of medical facilities and offices throughout the country, most of them are indeed located in San José.


Medical travel is for patients who cannot afford medical services in their own country, or can wait less by traveling elsewhere. Costa Rica is one of the best countries to travel to for medical travel. Consider getting affordable care in Costa Rica if you lack the right insurance.