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How to Find the Best Place to Stay in Jaco Costa Rica?

April 4, 2019

Whether you want to just relax or looking for a fun-filled holiday with exciting activities and beaches, Jaco in Costa Rica is your perfect destination. It is popular for its lush jungles and beaches and is the closest beach town to the capital city of San Jose. Such an admired town is bound to have plenty of hotels for tourists to stay in. But, how do decide the best amongst them?

Think About The Location

Ideally, your hotel must be located closer to the attractions you wish to visit. It must be at a reasonable distance from major airports, food outlets, park, beach or local transport. This will avoid spending your time and money on unnecessary traveling.

Make Use Of The Internet

When it comes to deciding where to stay in Jaco Costa Rica, the internet can be the best place to start with. In today’s digital age, almost every hotel is bound to have an online presence. Put in some time to research on the hotel that you are considering to stay. Take a look at the guest reviews to get a better understanding of what to expect out of the hotel.

Simplicity And Experience

Consider whether you want a simple, elegant hotel for just staying in or you want your stay to be a part of your holiday experience. Few hotels offer fabulous water parks, beachside tree house, and attractive camping sites. If you opt for the latter, then, try searching for very specific hotels while deciding on where to stay in Jaco Costa Rica.

Check The Hotel Facilities

Take a good look at the facilities offered by the hotel. Most provide free WiFi, tour booking desk, free breakfast, and laundry facilities. They must also provide a refrigerator and microwave options. This comes handy when you are traveling with a toddler and food storage becomes a primary concern. Having all the facilities under one roof will spare you from additional expenses.

Check For Free Cancellation Option

It is always advantageous if your hotel is offering free cancellation. This way, you can book in advance and inquire about the prices in other hotels. Equipped with multiple options, you will have the leverage to either negotiate or cancel the booking at a previous hotel. You can also check whether the hotel allows its guests to book in advance and pay during the check-in time. You can thus lock in your deal at the current hotel prices. Such flexible options are a great way to understand the reliability and reputation of the hotel you are planning to stay.

Hotels have different prices depending on their facilities and vicinity to local attractions. Do not rush to finalize a hotel based on its exterior appearance. It is important to consider the quality of customer service and the value it adds to your money.