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5 Tips to Find the Safest Fishing Tours to Costa Rica

April 24, 2019

Tours to Costa RicaFishing is one of the major attractions in Costa Rica. Among the various activities you could choose from, the wide variety of fish and the rush that sport fishing brings is reward enough for any fishing enthusiast to commit at least a day or two of their vacation to fishing either inshore or offshore. Like any other sport, fishing requires some precautions to be taken to avoid unnecessary injuries or close calls. So, when in Costa Rica, it’s best to engage a fishing tour that has you covered – safety wise.

Here are 5 tips on what a safe fishing tour in Costa Rica will provide:

Qualified and Experienced Fishing Guides

The first and most necessary requirement for a safe and memorable fishing tour is to have experienced and qualified fishing guides and experienced boat crew who are able to take even first-time ‘vacationing’ fishermen out to fish. Inshore fishing is relatively safer in comparison and will not require the heavy equipment and fishing know-how that deep sea fishing demands.

The experienced fishing guide will be able to do most of the fishing for a beginner while allowing and carefully observing the experienced angler to do most of fishing. Depending on the level of expertise of the vacationers, the guide should be able to communicate clearly and offer precise advice as and when required.

Keep to Fishing Zones

Look out for red flags such as restricted areas marked by the local guard, and talk to your tour guide about the safety of endangered sea creatures in the area. Restricted areas are marked out to ensure that sea turtles, dolphins, sharks, and other species are not caught during the many fishing tours that are out in deep waters.

Ask If the Tour Regularly Files a Float Plan

The Coast Guard will be aware of your trip and location in case of any kind of emergency when a float plan is filed with them. This should be the case with fishing tours in Costa Rica. When going out to the Pacific, the waters are not calm and the weather can change at a moment’s notice, and the boat could be stranded or require some assistance. The float plan will ensure that help arrives much faster.

Well-Maintained Boats

Fishing tour operators take their boat out in the waters every day, and sometimes several times a day. With this level of use, it’s hardly possible to expect a boat to function smoothly without daily checks and maintenance. A well-maintained boat will not only be cleaned and maintained on the outside but also on the inside to ensure that all the equipment – for fishing and sailing are rigged to perfection.

Medical Aid

Apart from having a regular first aid box available, a safe fishing tour operator will have at least one of its crew members trained in administering medical aid in case of emergencies. Certifications for the same may be verified if need be. This is a precautionary measure since there are risks to fishing for larger, more spirited fish such as the Marlin.

Some fishing tour operators are new in the business and lack sufficient experience, however, check with them for these safety points, and if they pass all five, then you’ve got yourself a safe fishing tour guide.