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Explore the Best Destinations for Stay and Fun in Costa Rica

September 5, 2019


Costa Rica is a beautiful country that contains an innumerable variety of interesting points and exotic places to explore. Costa Rica houses an abundance of fascinating destinations. Despite being small, it offers extensive travel options. From a week-long vacation to a relaxing time for a few days, the place gives you enough options to immerse yourself in the natural beauty and ultimate relaxation.

Discover the best destinations in Costa Rica through the way of this post!

Best Places for Tourists in Costa Rica

The amazing thing about Costa Rica is the variety of tourist spots the country offers. The plains of Guanacaste, serene beaches of Caribbean Coast, elevated Arenal’s majesty, and cool retreats of Cloud forests make it a traveler’s paradise.

Each tour of this country can be exclusively personalized. Mix and match destinations of your choice to create a perfect vacation itinerary.

Beach Destinations in Costa Rica

Need to figure out where to stay in Jaco Costa Rica? Plan to book your stay near the beaches in Costa Rica if you love water and sea. The Pacific Coast in Costa Rica is an excellent bet! There are plenty of options available along the coastline of the country.

The north side holds Guanacaste that houses some exclusive and intimate resorts, which make it an excellent destination for relaxing at the spa. The other option is the Nicoya Peninsula, which is popular for wellness, yoga, and surfing.

There is also a Central Pacific Coast that is situated near the Manuel Antonio National Park. Down the Southern Pacific Coast holds luxury accommodations and secluded villas. Such options are perfect for getting away from the crowd and spending a relaxing vacation.

Adventure Spots in Costa Rica

The inland of Costa Rica is dominated by cultural and adventure destinations. The Arenal Volcano is one of the best destinations in Costa Rica. It lets one explore rainforest surroundings and explore adventure activities like hiking trails, zipline, or tram. Arenal Lake is situated nearby and offers adventures like kayaking, sport fishing, and paddle-boarding.

The Central Highlands, Monteverde Cloud Forest, and San Jose are other adventure spots in Costa Rica. They let you enjoy activities like horseback riding, hiking, and birding.

Caribbean Coast Destinations in Costa Rica

Want to know where to stay in Jaco Costa Rica on the Caribbean Coast? Tortuguero is a major highlight of this country that is an excellent destination for animal lovers. With jungle canals and masses of sea turtles and monkeys, the place houses them all.

It is still not frequently visited by tourists. Hence, it is a perfect destination to relax. Another destination is Puerto Viejo, which offer one of the finest spots in the country like scuba diving, snorkeling, and surfing.

Also, Peace Lodge, Villa Blanca Inn, and Sarchi are some less-known destinations in Costa Rica that you must visit to create a unique and relaxing vacation experience.