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Different Fish Species in Costa Rica to Enhance Your Sporting Abilities

April 27, 2020


Costa Rica is home to different varieties of fish normally found at the coast of the pacific ocean. The task of highlighting some of the best species of fish in Costa Rica may sound boring to others but it is awesome if you love fishing. The good thing about Costa Rica as a tourist destination is that you can have an all inclusive Costa Rica family vacation packages that including fishing among other exciting adventures.

Types of Fish Found on the Pacific Coastline in Costa Rica

Marine fishing is one of the most exciting and adventurous expeditions in Costa Rica. Some of the game fish species that tourists look for include the black, blue and striped billfish. During your all inclusive Costa Rica family vacation packages you might get lucky enough to catch some of these rare fish species. Here are some examples of the offshore fish species that you are likely to encounter during your sport fishing activities.

The Yellowfin Tuna

Yellowfin Tuna is a runner rather than a jumping species as they are not considered as such in the Costa Rica sportfishing context. However, you should always stay alert and don’t be fooled by the fighting power of your hands and the gigantic boat you are standing on. You can catch more than 10 fish on a good day some of which measure about 200 to 300 pounds along the shores of Costa Rica.

Pacific Sailfish

Catching a Pacific Sailfish is the dream of every angler. The fish also has incredible fighting abilities coupled with amazing acrobatics when it is both in and out of the water. However, just like the Yellowfin Tuna, a Pacific Sailfish doesn’t get tired easily which explains why they are so rare and only reserved for the best anglers. The good thing is that you can easily catch them when they come to feed as they often do so close to the surface. The pacific sailfish provides a unique angling experience that you will never forget.


Mackerel are strong predators that are also blessed with speed. They swim in generally large schools and are also migratory. They are liked by fishermen and large scale commercial fish mongers probably due to their large and nutritious white meat. The Sierra Mackrel is the most common and readily available in the waters of the Pacific.


Barracuda can easily be mistaken as a Wahoo unless the dagger-sharp teeth are visible. The fish doesn’t go without putting up a fight and may be hard to control. You also need to watch out for its sharp teeth while handling it on land as it can get pretty aggressive.

Jack Crevalle

Jack Crevalle has strong predatory instincts that make it enjoy both offshore and inshore water. It also comes in a variety of colors ranging from blue to petrol green analyzing it dorsally. It can sometimes change to white, silver and golden mostly near the pectoral fin and this usually happens when it feels threatened.