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Costa Rica for an Ultimate Inshore Fishing Destination

December 27, 2019

Costa Rican beauty can not only be enjoyed on land, but also in the waters. The country is world-renowned for inshore fishing that lets you have a glimpse of the marvelous marine life. A record-setting variety of hard-fighting species inhibits the river mouths, beaches, nearshore reefs, and rocky outcropping.

The best part about inshore fishing in Costa Rica is it is not subject to seasonality. Now, here is all you wanted to know about the inshore fishing experience while vacationing in Costa Rica.

What Makes Costa Rica Fishing So Good?

Costa Rica has a distinct advantage of being flanked by the Caribbean Sea on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other. Apart from this, many unique geographical features lure fish varieties to the Costa Rican coasts.

The continental shelf situated on the Pacific coast features deep cold and plankton-rich waters. These waters are driven continuously up to the warm and shallow waters along the coast. The convergence of warm and cold waters act as a staging ground for large predator fishes to feed on smaller baitfish. The presence of bait fishes is owed to a large plankton supply that forms their feeding grounds.

Billfish and Tarpon, called the king of the Caribbean, are the popular fish varieties on the Caribbean side. This coast features dense rainforests that feed a massive number of rivers. The rivers then flow into wetlands and extensive mangroves. Rivers continue their onward journey and funnel into the Caribbean Sea later. This makes the Caribbean coast one of the greatest hunting grounds in Costa Rica.

Best Inshore Fishing Destinations

Fishing Spots in the Pacific Coast

Marina Pez Vela

Marina Pez Vela makes inshore fishing in Costa Rica a grand affair. It is located in the central Pacific Coast and is known as the sailfish capital of the world. This marina has a smaller dock and tends to be less crowded. With the Manuel Antonio National Park by its side, this place lets you dive into a wildlife adventure after fishing. Marlin and roosterfish are the commonly found species in this region.

Los Suenos

This government-sanctioned marina hosts a large fleet of luxury fishing boats and yachts. Inshore fishing here involves roosterfish that you can target using fly fishing, switching, and spin fishing. It is recommended to visit this place from December through March, although it gives a good fishing experience all year round.

Fishing In the Caribbean Coast

Fishing on the Caribbean side may vary from one day to another due to changing weather patterns. The best inshore fishing grounds here are Tortuguero and Barra Del Colorado. Tarpon fishing is popular from December through Mid-May. Snooks is found in plenty from September through November. Nevertheless, you find these fishes all through the year. Their concentrations may, however, vary due to changing weather. In the northern Caribbean, the Rio Colorado and Rio San Juan create wetlands by emptying into the sea. This region is particularly famous for a large population of Tarpon and snook. You can also find Gaspar, Dorado, and Tuna.

Costa Rica is a one-stop destination for every fishing enthusiast. Both costs boast of excellent fishing grounds. They invite anglers to explore the vast waters filled with an amazing variety of aquatic life.