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Best Places To Visit In Costa Rica

June 18, 2019

Costa Rica has become a tourist hotspot due to its idyllic beaches, volcanoes, and lush rainforests. It is a paradise for adventurers and has many outdoor exploration options. Experiencing these activities is only limited by your choice. Costa Rica has many exciting places to visit. Read on to know what’s in store for you in these places.

Puerto Viejo

Puerto Viejo is bustling with a young crowd due to the surfing activities, fantastic beaches, and a party atmosphere. This lively place is located on the Caribbean coast near Panama. Are you looking for something peaceful and quiet? You can head over to the beach hotels for enjoying a relaxing time. You can even visit the nearby jaguar rescue center that deals with the rehabilitation of local wildlife.

Monteverde Cloud Reserve Forest

The mountainous region of Costa Rica houses the idyllic town of Monteverde. Located about a three-hour drive from San Jose, Monteverde is your best answer for where to visit in Costa Rica. The Monteverde cloud forest reserve is a landscape that is rich in endemic fauna and flora. This place is known to hold 2.5 percent of the world’s biodiversity and about 50 percent of the country’s flora and fauna. It offers a great connection between nature and sustainable tourism, along with environmental education. Explore the beauty of this forest while enjoying a comfortable stay in travel lodges.

Tabacón Hot Springs

This place is located near the Arenal Volcano, which is a tourist hotspot in itself. Serene waterfalls, natural springs rich in minerals, and tropical foliage contribute extensively to the beauty of this place. The springs contain 3 percent magma and 97 percent rainwater. You can also find luxurious spas very close to the Tabacón hot springs. These spas boast of coffee and coconut exfoliations, volcanic mud wraps, and meditation trails.

Pacuare River

Do you enjoy the experience of taming the rapids? Are you up for a good challenge and eager to explore Costa Rican waters? Then the Pacuare River is the right place for you. River boarding and whitewater rafting are very popular here. The river adventures are categorized under three sections and various grades of rapids. Apart from experiences, the Pacuare River also has exquisite natural beauty. You will enjoy the primitive rainforests that are teeming with life. There are tranquil pools and mighty waterfalls that lure you to take a swim.

San Jose

Are you looking for where to visit in Costa Rica for the best urban experience? Head over to San Jose, the capital city of Costa Rica. You will be amazed by the soaring offices and museums that add glitter to the town. Roam through the interconnected districts that are lined with photo-worthy architectures and centuries-old mansions. Enjoy mouth-watering food at restaurants, cafes, bars, and bakeries. Visit the Pre-Columbian museum and Jade museum for some of the best pre-Columbian artifacts.

The gorgeous places in Costa Rica create a heaven on earth. They mesmerize you, excite you and provide a thrilling holiday experience.