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Your Guide to the Best Costa Rica Family Vacations

May 1, 2020

A family trip to Costa Rica is one of the most fun-filled vacation ideas you can think of. As family holidays go, a visit to Costa Rica offers distractions for the young and the elderly.

Owing to its tropical climate, Costa Rica is a country teeming with life and color. The best family vacations in Costa Rica, therefore, include plenty of outdoor activities. These range from sand games at the beach to hiking up rugged volcanoes.

Best Time for Costa Rica Family Vacation

The best time for your family vacation in Costa Rica is during the country’s dry season. This runs from mid-December to April when you can be certain of plenty of sunshine and almost no rainy weather. You will, however, have to consider that this is the peak tourist season and prices increase considerably.

If you are hunting for bargain offers for your Costa Rica family holiday, you can pick dates between May and November. During this period, there are fewer crowds in the best family vacations Costa Rica destinations and prices are lower too.

Over June and July, the long rains in Costa Rica hit a lull with the jungles and forests bursting into color and life. You need to note that these seasonal weather changes vary from one region to another. Along the Caribbean coastal regions or the northern highlands, for instance, you can expect high temperatures and humidity all year.

Best Activities for your Costa Rica Family Vacation

Here is a look at the various family activities you can enjoy during your Costa Rica vacation

Walk Across Monteverde’s Hanging Bridges

Monteverde’s hanging bridges offer an excellent choice of family activities in Costa Rica. The bridges are short, making it easy even for kids to walk across without risking accidents.

There are also some very high and long zip lines along the hanging bridges of Monteverde. They offer great vistas of the forests and local landscapes. The tickets available for family offers come at a considerable discount compared to individual tickets too.

Nocturnal Hike Across Curi-Cancha Reserve

The private Curi-Cancha Reserve is a great haunt for a family adventure vacation. Curi-Cancha Reserve’s nocturnal hikes are ranked among the best things to do in Costa Rica with family. This is especially so if you have kids interested in tarantulas, snakes, frogs, and other creepy crawlies.

Go for a Surf off Tamarindo Beach

Tamarindo is rightly reputed to be the most famous beach in Costa Rica. The beachfront is served by some of the best restaurants in the area while the sands are pristine and inviting.

Off Tamarindo Beach, you get to enjoy some of the best swells anywhere in the world. These provide some of the best family activities in Costa Rica in terms of water sports and fun. The waves are gentle and there are no hazards to endanger kids.

Enjoy Company of Sloths at Diamante Sloth Sanctuary

If your Costa Rica family vacation takes you to the Pacific coast, include a visit to the Diamante Sloth Sanctuary. It is the best place for your family to enjoy an up-close experience with sloths. While there are sloths in plenty of Costa Rican wilds, they are usually very hard to spot.

See Wildlife in Manuel Antonio National Park

The Manuel Antonio National Park is located off the city of San Jose. It is at the confluence of the ocean and one of the most verdant sections of Costa Rica’s famous rainforests. Local climate and biodiversity make for very immersive wildlife viewing trips for the whole family.

While it is teeming with exotic wildlife, the Manuel Antonio National Park is considerably small in size. You can tour the whole length and breadth of the park in a single day. With the help of the park’s knowledgeable tour guides, you will be marvel at the variety of animal life here.

How to pack for a Costa Rica Vacation Trip with Kids

The fact that you are touring Costa Rica with kids does not mean you need to bring along a truckload of supplies. On the contrary, traveling light but recognizing common sense precautions is the best approach.

If you will be heading off to the waters for a bit of fun on the beach, remember to pack your kids’ swimsuits. You will also need to have sufficient supplies of sunscreen to protect them and yourself from sunburn. Consider buying environmentally friendly sunscreen varieties as well.

It is important to ensure your kids have life-vests whenever they venture out into the water. You do not need to pack these from home though. You can buy or rent out some functional alternatives locally.

You should also pack gear that is adequate for hiking on often-slippery and treacherous terrain. Your shoes should be comfortable, fitted with a good grip and preferably waterproof as well.

Planning your Costa Rica family vacation is easy. There are many interesting places and a variety of activities for family fun. Our suggestions are, however, for guideline purposes only. You can suggest more in the comments and feedback.