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Costa Rica Royale invites you all to explore the spectacular beauty of Costa Rica, the jewel of Central America for a fun-filled, thrilling, adventurous and a rejuvenating trip. When you are looking for a perfect location for destination wedding, want to have a memorable holiday tour with your family or want to experience the spirit of friendship with your close circle, this place has something to offer everyone of their interest. Come explore lush jungles, massive mountains, spectacular beaches, magnificent wildlife, soothing waterfalls and active volcanoes with numerous adventure activities like fishing, ATV tours, ziplining, river rafting and more with our customized tour packages.

CR Leadership Team

Costa Rica Royale takes great pride in its team. When our minds come together, your dreams come true! We are ordinary people like you who came together for an extraordinary purpose—to deliver an immemorable Costa Rica experience! Our purpose, or rather passion, is to deliver a fabulous Costa Rica experience. Competent, fun-loving and, above all, trusted partners—that’s your Costa Rica Royale Team.


    Veronica is second to none when it comes to tourism and hospitality. Native Costa Rican and fluent in English and Spanish, she is a commanding resource and power house for our company as well as for our dear customers. Veronica devotes herself to helping our customers unravel the nuances of Costa Rica and giving them an unparalleled vacation experience.


    Esteban brings his vast experience in management and process optimization to lead the team. Gifted in English, Spanish and German, he is well pointed in operations, planning and customer service. From being an operations manager to an industrial engineer, Esteban is committed to the core! He loves to travel, explore, learn, motivate, and enable – a perfect blend, one may envy!


    Passion and creative talent is an amazing combination to have, especially in your wedding designer. Casandra epitomizes both. She tunes into her clients wishes and embellishes their ideas with creative flourishes to stunning effect. With over 8 years experience behind her and a highly skilled support team to back her up, Casandra is one of the most sought-after event designers and planners in Costa Rica.

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